Gain the advantage in Firestrike, War Commander, Soldiers Inc., and Forge of Empires by joining teams

Online war games like Firestrike, War Commander, Soldiers Inc., and Delta Wars are designed to offer team based combat. Joining Clans, Guilds, and Alliances opens all-new play experiences and strategies.

  • Team up to fight larger enemies. Deploy your forces strategically with new friends to take on larger enemies and to control new bases and claim more resources.
  • Deter enemies from attacking your base. When it’s time to retaliate, strike back fiercely, in a show of strength!
  • Earn exclusive rewards. When you join a clan, you and your clanmates both enjoy exclusive bonuses in Gold, Diamonds, and free daily gifts.

To join a team (whether it’s called a Clan, Combine, or Alliance), start a conversation using the in-game chat, and learn more about the teams that are actively recruiting. Remember:

  1. Consider joining a team with leadership or friends that play when you play. Being online regularly at the same time makes it easier to stay in touch and influence strategy via in-game chat.
  2. Find a team that matches your play style. Do you play aggressive, or defensive? Do you like frequent close battles, or do you prefer to wait and attack with overwhelming force? It’s a big world, you have plenty to choose from.
  3. Join the conversation. Get involved in team-wide discussions on planning and strategy. Help shape the priorities of team combat, which can end up influencing the entire game world!

Get started! Get in game and post a message in chat that you want to hear from recruiters!