War Commander Cheats and Hacks

How do players use hacks to cheat in games like War Commander, Soldiers Inc., and Delta Wars?

Battle Hacking

Browser war games feature vast worlds of battle. Hackers try to gain unfair advantage by modifying the power of their equipment, for example by increasing weapon damage or speed. If the game developer isn’t careful, hacking will run rampant. Strong developers crack down on cheating by checking battle logs, looking for unusual patterns to identify hackers.

Alt Accounts

In online strategy games, victory goes to the strongest team. Honest players recruit friends to join and play together with them. Cheaters use fake identities to create more than one account for themself. These extra or “alt accounts” can be exploited to gain resources unfairly.


Some online war games give benefits to players who stay logged in, like extra resources or protection from attackers. Hackers take advantage of this by using browser plugins or scripts to pretend to play the game automatically, even when they are not online. This “auto-refreshing” hack is not fair to players who don’t want to use such tools.

Games Without Cheats

For a hack-free, no-cheating gameplay experience, check out Thunder Run: Firestrike. Its developer, Battlehouse, has created extensive anti-hack protection, including battle log auditing, alt account detection, and auto-refresh prevention.