War Commander: Thorium Rush Event

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Attention Commanders,

Job well done defending your Bases from the Verkraft invasion, but we’re not out of the woods yet. Kruger has regrouped and Verkraft now occupy significant portions of the Sector. His **** for Thorium irradiates his people and risks spreading through our population. It’s up to you to put an end to his treachery and restore order.

Operation: Thorium Rush is much more concise than recent events, in turn increasing XP-per-mission payouts and making replayability a little easier! It has two tracks: a Main track and a Faction track for Survivor Units only. Technicals from Operation: Resurrection should be a great addition to your Platoons. Each player starts with 2 Replay Tokens, with more awarded ¾ of the way into Thorium Rush, rather than at the very end!

During your battles, you may encounter Max, a brand new Single-Use Hero who can aid you as you fight the Verkraft! A new Corpus unit, the Drakon, is also available.


Max is a deployable single-use Hero Unit who is obtainable in the Operation: Thorium Rush Main track. He’s slightly faster and tougher than the War Dog, and automatically comes equipped with the Teeth and Hunger Talent, which grants Concuss on hit. Here’s some more information about Max:

  • Faction: Survivors
  • Type: Generation II – Single-Use
  • Class: Hero
  • Targets: Ground
  • Damage: Greater than the War Dog and does significantly more damage to buildings and vehicles.
  • Immunities: All disabling effects
  • Use Max to quickly close the distance against Ranged enemies and cut them down with ease. Make sure to avoid direct Rail Launcher hits, as Max is a good boy with only one life.


    The Drakon is a long-range Infantry unit that moves slowly into position. They wield high-tech Plasma weaponry that deals more damage at longer range. Plasma weapons are uniquely powerful – their damage ignores armor types and is effective against every type of enemy! Here’s some more information about the Drakon:

  • Faction: Corpus
  • Type: Generation II
  • Class: Infantry
  • Targets: Air, Ground, and Missiles
  • Damage Type: Plasma
  • Plasma Weaponry deals more damage the longer the Plasma projectile travels
  • Plasma deals less damage at closer range, so be sure to keep hostiles at a distance!
  • The Drakon moves at about the same speed as the Liberator and you can have a maximum of 12 in a Platoon. You can find The Drakon in the Event Store.


    There are 2 tracks for this Operation, each with a series of missions that increases in difficulty as you progress. Each mission rewards increasingly powerful rewards should you achieve victory!

    Deployable Units: All Units
    12 Attack Missions (Enemy: Kruger’s Verkraft Forces)
    4 Defensive Missions (Enemy: Kruger’s Verkraft Forces)


    Bronze Cache: 2 Bronze Tech for Gen 1 Survivor Units
    Silver Cache: 2 Silver Tech for Gen 1 Survivor Units
    Gold Cache: 2 Gold Tech for Gen 1 Survivor Units
    Max: A single-use Hero. Details in the Overview

    FACTION TRACK (Survivors)

    *These missions only become available when unlocked in the Main track
    Deployable Units: Survivor Only
    4 Attack Missions (Enemy: Kruger’s Verkraft Forces)


    Gen I Unit: Random Roll of 5 Liberators, 1 Hammer, 4 Detonators, 2 Bonesaw, or 1 Disruptor
    Training Token: Random roll of Gen I Survivor Tokens for Liberator, Hammer, Detonators, Bonesaw, or Disruptor
    Restart Token: Can be spent to reset ALL tracks for Operation: Thorium Rush

    CM_Burny Note: A new change to this Event is that the Trophy only unlocks in the Store after you have completed the entire Operation. This change was made to make the Trophy a symbol of true skill and thus be more rewarding to earn.

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