Clash of Clans: 2017 Winter Updates

Clash of Clans has had some very exciting Winter updates that hit throughout the month!

Let’s take a look back at everything Supercell gave us!

Clan Games

“Get your clan together and prepare to do your collective best in Clan Games! Complete Challenges together with your clanmates and climb through the reward tiers all the way to the top to earn resources, gems and Magic Items!”

A New Feature that’s very welcomed amongst the CoC Community!

Magic Items

“Powerful items with magic properties have appeared! Magic items have wonderful powers that range from helping you with upgrades to boosting various things in your village and army. The treasury in the Clan Castle has been modified to store them safely!”

It’s about time they let us create the magic!

Balance Changes

As part of their Winter 2017 Update, they introduced several balance changes:

Golem HP has been adjusted:
Level 1 (4500HP -> 5100HP)
Level 2 (5000HP -> 5400HP)
Level 3 (5500HP – 5700HP)

Lava Hound HP has been adjusted:
Level 1 (5700HP -> 6100HP)
Level 2 (6200HP -> 6500HP)
Level 3 (6700HP -> 6800HP)

Giant HP has been adjusted
Level 5 (670 -> 720)
Level 7 (1100 -> 1220)
Level 8 (1260 -> 1440)

Barbarian King and Archer Queen
Added 5 more levels (to a max of level 50), and previous level costs have been adjusted.

Inferno Towers:
The effect that prevents healing while receiving damage from Inferno Towers has been removed.

25 additional wall pieces may be upgraded to Level 12(so now you can upgrade 125 wall pieces to level 12.

Army Camps:
Army Camps at Town Hall level 11 will gain an additional level (Max: Level 9)

X-Bow DPS has been adjusted:
Level 2 (70 DPS -> 60 DPS)
Level 3 (90 DPS -> 80 DPS)
Level 4 (100 DPS -> 90 DPS)