Forge of Empires: January 2018 Updates / Announcements

There are lots of exciting things happening in Forge of Empires throughout the month of January!

Forge Bowl Event

The Forge Bowl Event is officially live as of January 16th, 2018! Your city has a new football team, and you take on the role of it’s new coach. Can you lead your team to victory in this year’s Forge Bowl? Click here to check out our exclusive Forge Bowl event guide.

Update 1.117 (January 6th)

The very first update of the new year (1.117) took place on January 8th 2018. There was a short period of downtime during the update, at which point the following patch notes went live:


  • Improved the way available expansion area is displayed (please note that this change will be enabled during the day, and not instantly with the update).
  • Improved the distribution of provided happiness in Great Buildings (level 1 to 10). Up until now, the difference in happiness provided between levels wasn’t always an increase from the previous level. This will change now. Please note that the overall values of happiness on level 1 and level 10 (and of course all levels beyond 10) remain unchanged.
  • Changes:

  • The quest “More Work” was changed from recurring to a normal, one-time quest.
  • Loading screens are now prettier and work in the full-screen mode.
  • Bug Fixes:

  • When using the autobattle feature on both waves of a 2-wave battle, two charges were visually removed from the Kraken’s buff icon. After reloading the game, the second charge was visually added again in the buff panel. This problem was now solved.
  • The display of “PM” and “AM” was reversed for noon and midnight in the Daily Challenge starting time picker. The time will now be displayed in the correct manner
  • If a ‘gain happiness’ or ‘gain population’ request was active in both quests and Daily Challenges, gained happiness or population would only count towards one of them. It will now count everywhere.
  • In the cases where there were more than one Guild Expedition-related conditions active at the same time, it could happen that not enough remaining encounters were available. This shouldn’t happen anymore.
  • After continuing a two-wave battle from the “Unfinished Business” pop-up, an internal error could occur, if the Auto Battle functionality was used. This error shouldn’t occur anymore.
  • An internal error could occur when using the Auto Battle functionality to quickly complete several encounters in a row.
  • Instead of using their own standard attack, rogues were able to use the special abilities of other units, before transforming into them. Now they will only attack with the special ability after transforming into another unit.
  • Using mouse wheel to scroll back to the beginning of the unit pool in the Army Management window, resulted in some empty slots being displayed. This will not be happening any more.
  • Description text in the set overview window could be truncated in a way that made it unreadable. It was now rearranged to avoid this problem.
  • No Guild Power blimp as shown when plundering it from a building. It will be now displayed correctly.
  • When using a Friends Tavern boost and a boost item of the same kind at the same time, the Boost Overview of the Friends Tavern was showing the remaining time of the item. This problem was fixed and the correct remaining time will be shown now.
  • The pagination buttons were not visible in the in the building menu’s expansion tab, if all three expansion types were available. We have now removed the pagination buttons from the expansion tab.
  • When creating multiple trade offers of the same kind, it could happen that the entered numbers were cleared despite still having enough goods available.This problem has been solved.
  • Players with certain unusual characters in their nicknames could only login using their e-mail address. From now, login with username will be also possible for them.
  • The sale icon was kept on the side bar even after the sale has ended. The icon will disappear immediately from now on.
  • Special sales were only appearing after reloading the game. The offers should now also pop-up for logged in players.
  • It could happen, that the Quest Overview did not update and remained empty after completing a quest. This shouldn’t occur anymore.
  • The medal icon was overlaying the number of rewarded medals in the PvP tournament ranking windows, especially when the numbers were large. This was adjusted, so the digits should not be hidden anymore.
  • Update 1.118 (January 19th)

    The 2nd update of the new year (1.118) took place on January 19th 2018. There was a short period of downtime during the update, at which point the following patch notes went live:


  • Many players have voiced concerns over being unable to use offers where items can be purchased for Diamonds on a different world than the one it was offered on. As such, we have now made it possible to accept an item sale on a different world than the one the offer was initially displayed on. Keep in mind, however, that for now you will still only be able to purchase the offer once across all worlds.
  • We have seen that the “gain population” and “gain happiness” tasks from the Daily Challenges were counter productive for many, and have removed those as a result. The mysterious questgiver may now ask for donations of coins and supplies instead.
  • Frequently, a randomly generated chest selection for the Daily Challenges was used for all worlds of the same player. We now made sure that the selection is randomly chosen for each world separately.
  • A new Diamond expansion has been added for players in the Oceanic Future. We also added a new victory expansion.
  • The goods reward of the Seed Vault has been changed to 20 (from 10) if you are below Modern Era, to be more in line with higher eras.
  • Bug Fixes:

  • We have fixed an issue that caused sounds to not be played or played with a delay for players using Internet Explorer 11.
  • The Domestication Pen now grants the correct 80 ranking points instead of the previous 40.
  • A problem was fixed that caused an internal error to be displayed if the Missile artillery is used in an auto-battle.
  • We have fixed an issue where the Missile artillery was falsely shown as having died on the results screen of an auto-battle, even if the battle was won.
  • The game would sometimes display the global ranking after visiting another player from the guild screen. This has now been fixed.
  • Entering a page number in the guild treasury log did not take you to the page entered. This should work as expected once again now.
  • An error was fixed that made it impossible for guild leaders to edit guild title of another leader.
  • The signature in system messages sometimes overlapped the actual message. This has been fixed now.
  • The icon for the Pillar of Heroes Upgrade item was missing in the mouseover-tooltip of the coolers, when it was the Daily Special during the event.
  • We have fixed a bug that caused the guild bar to sometimes not update immediately after joining a guild.
  • The tutorial could get stuck on the “build a stilt house” step. It should now work normally once again.
  • The ability “First Strike” sometimes lead to your own units being shown with 0 health despite them being undamaged. This has been fixed.
  • We have fixed a bug that caused an internal error to be displayed after finishing an auto-battle in the Guild Expeditions.
  • The “plundered”-side bar icon was not shown for plundered Hall of Fame. The icon has been added now.
  • Attempting to move the Town Hall could cause Flash to crash if the Oceanic/Arctic ship was in the city. This has now been fixed.
  • The quest “Eyes in the Backyard” showed a coin icon even though it was requesting supplies. The supply icon is now back.
  • In construction mode, the mountains and rivers next to the Friends Tavern disappeared sometimes. This is now corrected.
  • The “Select Resource” button in the Guild Expeditions did not always show the correct translation. This has been fixed.