War Commander: Rogue Assault: Blood Reign Briefing

Posted from WarCommander.com:


RUBI has sent coordinates of a couple scrapyards near the edge of our occupied territory. Junkrats and Somali pirates have been collecting metal and trash, sifting valuables from the debris. Probably only a small-scale operation but worth checking out. The black market for salvaged goods can be a violent one, and these men have likely caused a good deal of bloodshed already.


Touting a terrifying range, the Pantsir was built for the singular purpose of gunning down Air units. While it remains vulnerable to ground units that it cannot target, no Air Unit is safe from the dominant range of the S1-Pantsir.


  • Longest Range of any unit in the game at 650
  • Most effective unit at dispatching Defensive Air Platoons
  • Secondary weapon is a short-ranged missile burst with multi-targeting to shoot down multiple aircraft at once
  • Is not included in “Select All” commands for your Platoon. This means your rush units are not slowed by the inclusion of the Pantsir-S1, and the Pantsir can remain in the strategic location you’ve positioned it in without requiring additional clicks.
  • Good luck, Commanders!